Washburn Dimebag Darrell


Dimebag Darrell ML body style belongs to Dimebag Signature series. Washburn’s Dean ML-style Dime 333 and radical Gibson Explorer-like Dime Culprit models were one of the most popular one. The Dime 333 had a Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo, the 332 model featured a stop-tail bridge.The Culprit, with its sliced-up Explorer-style body, featured a Floyd Rose tremolo, a mirror pickguard and a pair of hot ceramic humbucking pickups with chrome cover.

Many Washburn guitars equipped with humbuckers have a feature called Voice Contour Control (VCC), which is currently available only on Washburn. VCC is similar to coil splitting, in that it changes the tone of a humbucking pick-up to that of a single coil, but it does it by turning the tone knob. In doing so the musician can get every sound from the humbucker to the P-90 to the single coil and all points in between, all without the hum normally associated with single coils. In other words, it gives the player the option of a warm/thick humbucker sound, or a thinner single coil sound at the twist of a knob.

Washburn uses the mechanism of endorsements, where:Manufacturer provides custom-shop instrument that suits the artist best, for free (or even paying artist).Artists promotes his or her usage of that instrument and advertises manufacturer company.This process greatly promotes the whole industry. At the Beginning artists often try to copy the sound of their favorite artists and thus try to use the same equipment. Endorsements help both manufacturers and consumers: beginning artists get to know what kind of equipment their idol uses and can copy their sound easier, and companies raise sales.

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