Washburn Dime Guitar


Dime co-designed a guitar with Dean just months before his death. Called the Razorback, it was a modified version of the ML. The guitar came with various versions, such as the one with 24 frets.
Though Dime was never actually seen with the guitar onstage as it was released by Dean posthumously, he did play the prototype and had approved it about a month or two before his death.
After Dean went out of business in 1994, Dime signed with Washburn, and started using their guitars for the upcoming period. They were pretty much the copies of the Dean ML guitar, which made Dean Zelinsky (Dean founder) come back, and try to build his company back up.
Dimebag returned to Dean 10 years later, in 2004.Dime was seen with Washburn x33, Stealth and Culprit models.
The American made ones are top notch, I played them. Exact replicas of Dime’s, including non recessed Floyd (Dime’s originals were retrofitted with Floyds- which meant due to the neck angle of the originals, the floyd needed to rest high off the body- which still allowed pull ups)Washburn had an import version, which had generic Washburn pickups, but most importantly, had cheaper quality Floyds, and alder bodies instead of Mahogany.The American made Washburns and Deans are same quality wise. On the imports, ehhhh. I don’t like Dean imports- tiny frets, mystery mahogany, probably Lu.

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