Washburn Dime 3


The washburn dime3 guitar has all the original equipment, in perfect condition, not a single scratch on it. Sounds good for passive pickups (still like my EMG’s better). I bought it at the time cause i was huge into pannier and unfortunately dime was shot before i ever got a chance for him to sign it. Spent a good 2 years saving up for it. As far as i know its kinda rare seeing how it was a USA custom shop and had to be directly ordered from the factory. IDK i just cant play it DE-tuned and its just lost its appeal since i cant ever get it signed by the guy who played it. And no my friend has pics of it but he is putting it up online as we speak.

Now there where made black backs, green backs, satin, everything on washburn.there is also pointy stealth body dimeslimes out there too. I have a black back dimebolt D3 from brandon M. Sounds the same as my southern cross.I play through a crate powerblock head(because it cost me $70) and a crate GT412 cabinet. I usually play through a boss MT-2 metal zone, a seymour duncan pickup booster pedal, and sometimes my digitech black 13. This guitar is great for any type of metal. I really don’t know what to rate this since it didn’t come with the stock pickups, but it sounds awesome now so I’ll give it an 8.

Make no mistakes about it, this is a metal guitar. I’m not going to use it to play jazz or folk rock, for example.the lame thing about it when it arrived, was the neck pickup didn’t work.it was soldered in wrong, so I replaced it with a seymour duncan ’59 and the bridge with a dimebucker. I know dimebag used a bill lawrence L-500XL,but after using it I decided I liked the dimebucker better. With the ’59 I can get amazing cleans, and with the dimebucker ultra high gain leads.

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