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Washburn Dime


Since then the washburn dime guitars were┬ánever played, yet on display in a non-smoking environment and then in storage in the hard shell case for the past 4 years.This guitar was purchased at Musician’s Friend in Las Vegas (store has since closed) in 1998.

washburn dime series specs

-Solid mahogany body with ebony fretboard

-Bill Lawrence XL-500 Pickup in the bridge position

-Seymor Duncan ’59 in the neck position

-Neck through body

-Grover tuners

-Schaller tremolo

-A VERY limited edition autographed model (serial D950541)

-Original Bill of Sale.

-Small paint crack at body and neck, I have included a picture to show (guitar was

purchased this way)

I tried contacting Musician’s Friend and was told because of time lapse, they do not keep records dating back to 1998. The only way they suggested was to try to get a hold of Rita Haney Abbot and see if the guitar could be authenticated. I’m not sure how to get a hold of her. Dime’s first guitar when he was 16 was a Dean ML- he’s said in interviews that he thought it was the coolest guitar out there and wanted it. After that he’d go around to pawn shops to try to find more before he got signed. Dimebag liked them so much that he had the Dean logo tatooed on himself. He also met Dean Zelinshy when he was young and felt great loyalty to Dean guitars.In the 80’s Dean Zelinsky sold the company to some import company, and instead of continuing to make the high quality american made deans, they made very cheap low quality imports. Soon after that Dean went out of business. The name was later sold to Armadillo music, who would later on start making high quality import Deans in the late 90’s. Dimebag continued to play the 3 Deans he had, but after touring they tiik alot of abuse. He needed more but Dean wasn’t around, so he went to Washburn to make him copies.