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Washburn Dime 3 For Sale


Washburn Dime 3 Features:
Number 1010 Fingerboard Rosewood
Brand Washburn Frets 22
Model Dime Slime Hardware Chrome
Inlays Dots Back Mahogany
Neck Construction Set Case Optional
Condition Excellent Bridge Floyd Rose
Color Slime Green Burst Neck Mahogany
Nut Width 1.69″ Pickups Washburn

Shortly There After (Not Sure Of The Year) Dean Started Making Dime’s Guitars Again And Dime Went Over That Way. At That Point Washburn Stopped Making The Dimes In The USA Custom Shop. You Can Find Current Imports From China Or Korea From Some Of Washburn’s Dealers. There Were a Few Limited Run Dime 3’s Such As The Coveted Southern Cross There Were 150 Slated To Be Made But Maybe Only 125 Produced Or Somethng Like That. Those Go For Around 4-5K On The Bay. Dime 3 Dimeslime (DS) Or Dimebolts (DB) Go For Around 2.5-3K. Here Were a Few Dime 3ST’s With An Aluminum Front. I’Ve Seen One Pop Up On Ebay From Time To Time But Didn’t Pay That Close Attention. I Read Something Recently In a Guitar Rag Where They Were Talking To Dime’s Guitar Tech. Dime Apparently Didn’t Like The Sound Of This Particular Guitar. I Have No Idea How Many Were Made.

The Dimes Used The Bill Lawrence L500 L, XL Or XXL And Possibly Used Both Bill Lawrence And Bill Lawrence USA (Though The Latter Is The More Common Find)For Most Of The Time They Were Being Produced. I Think After 2000, Is When The Seymour Duncan Dimebucker Started Showing Up In The Dime Guitars. I’m Not Sure How Many Dime 3’s Had Them But I’m Pretty Sure Some Of The Dime 3ST’s Had Them.