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Dimebag Washburn Guitar


This is a brief demo of my Washburn 333 Dimeslime guitar! It’s a guitar like no other and really plays like a monster. I figured I should jam on a couple of Pantera riffs to show what it can do, but it’s actually a really versatile guitar and the Dimebucker pumps out to 11! For clean I’m using the neck pickup into a Digitech XP-100 Whammy Wah to adjust the pitch up 1/4 step and a Dunlop MXR EVH Phase 90. The dirty stuff is bridge pickup straight into the amp, which is a Rivera Knucklehead Tre with Rivera and Mesa 4×12 Cabs. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like my video and check out my other demo videos!

There were a few limited run Dime 3’s such as the coveted Southern Cross There were 150 slated to be made but maybe only 125 produced or somethng like that. Those go for around 4-5K on the bay. Dime 3 Dimeslime (DS) or Dimebolts (DB) go for around 2.5-3K. Here were a few Dime 3ST’s with an aluminum front. I’ve seen one pop up on ebay from time to time but didn’t pay that close attention. I read something recently in a guitar rag where they were talking to Dime’s guitar tech. Dime apparently didn’t like the sound of this particular guitar.I’m not sure how many Dime 3’s had them but I’m pretty sure some of the Dime 3ST’s had them.

The original Dean from Hell had 2 Bill Lawrence L500’s in it. You can see dimebag washburn guitars in the video Cowboys from Hell that the neck pick-up is a BL. Most likely it was a Bill Lawrence L500-L in the bridge and an L500-R in the neck. At some point Dime replaced the neck pick up with the Seymour Duncan 59 and all of the USA Dimes came with the SD 59 in the neck. I’m pretty sure but not totally certain that it was always a zebra to boot.That’s about all I have. If you’d have asked me about the N series I could go on a lot longer.