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But at some point in the 90’s -i think ’95- Dean went bust and stopped making guitars which meant Dime no longer had a company to make him guitars and when your part of such a massive touring band like PanterA you need more than just a couple of guitars at your disposal. So he turned to Washburn who started to make him signature guitars. Dime started using Dean guitars (ML model to be specific) when he was a teenager and used Deans for a large chunk of his life.Dime was back in business with a line of new bad ass guitars which look quite similar to the Dean ML’s but they have their own uniqueness.

However Dime was very found of Deans – and having met Dean Zelinsky when he was quite young – he felt very loyal to them and so when Dean got going again, Dime switched back in 2004 i think. And in that short period he was with them before he passed he helped design the razorback.

As a player of metal in the early 90’s (yes, like the dinosaurs, there were one or two of us still struggling to survive in the harsh environment of 1992) I wanted nothing more than to listen to, and play, the most ball crunching, face smashing, universally offensive, rude, blasphemous music I could possibly find. Then one day I heard a Slayer album and, well… Once I’d decided that the crown had been placed upon the mighty banging heads of Slayer as to who were the kings of blasphemous, blistering metal, I began a new search. That search led me to the phenomenal playing and brutal onslaught that dime washburn guitars are┬áPantera. Being that I am a guitarist originally, I found Dimebag Darrell’s playing to be absolutely top-notch and sought, eventually, to own his axe.