Dimebag Darrell Washburn Guitar


Since I have been playing guitar for eleven years, bass for five, drums for three and I’ve been trying to sing my whole life. I bought the guitar as an intermediate, but cocky, player only to find that I had quite a lot to learn about guitars. Now that I am an experienced guitarist and have a few shows and a few CDs under my belt I am very pleased that I bought this instrument. I bought it for somewhat foolish reasons because I thought it looked cool and so I could be like Dimebag Darrell or whatever and now I’m thinking it was one of the smartest purchases I have ever made, I love it. Still, I don’t think I’d bring it to a jazz club just because it would probably scare the hell out of people.

Either that or they’d think I was ridiculous only because, as I said, it looks like something straight out of 1983 played by a guy with really big hair and pants so tight you can almost see his…it would certainly sound good enough to play anywhere, though.I find the guitar useful most in the studio because, as I’ve pointed out, its appearance limits its live usage to metal – and even so, metal purists might be more critical of a new player using a signature model. In the studio, however, you can make this thing sound like any kind of guitar you want and you don’t have to tell anyone what it looks like – just let them drool over the killer tone you’ve got and tell them to buy a CD!

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