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Washburn Dime 3 For Sale


Washburn Dime 3 Features:
Number 1010 Fingerboard Rosewood
Brand Washburn Frets 22
Model Dime Slime Hardware Chrome
Inlays Dots Back Mahogany
Neck Construction Set Case Optional
Condition Excellent Bridge Floyd Rose
Color Slime Green Burst Neck Mahogany
Nut Width 1.69″ Pickups Washburn

Shortly There After (Not Sure Of The Year) Dean Started Making Dime’s Guitars Again And Dime Went Over That Way. At That Point Washburn Stopped Making The Dimes In The USA Custom Shop. You Can Find Current Imports From China Or Korea From Some Of Washburn’s Dealers. There Were a Few Limited Run Dime 3’s Such As The Coveted Southern Cross There Were 150 Slated To Be Made But Maybe Only 125 Produced Or Somethng Like That. Those Go For Around 4-5K On The Bay. Dime 3 Dimeslime (DS) Or Dimebolts (DB) Go For Around 2.5-3K. Here Were a Few Dime 3ST’s With An Aluminum Front. I’Ve Seen One Pop Up On Ebay From Time To Time But Didn’t Pay That Close Attention. I Read Something Recently In a Guitar Rag Where They Were Talking To Dime’s Guitar Tech. Dime Apparently Didn’t Like The Sound Of This Particular Guitar. I Have No Idea How Many Were Made.

The Dimes Used The Bill Lawrence L500 L, XL Or XXL And Possibly Used Both Bill Lawrence And Bill Lawrence USA (Though The Latter Is The More Common Find)For Most Of The Time They Were Being Produced. I Think After 2000, Is When The Seymour Duncan Dimebucker Started Showing Up In The Dime Guitars. I’m Not Sure How Many Dime 3’s Had Them But I’m Pretty Sure Some Of The Dime 3ST’s Had Them.

Washburn Dime Guitar


Dime co-designed a guitar with Dean just months before his death. Called the Razorback, it was a modified version of the ML. The guitar came with various versions, such as the one with 24 frets.
Though Dime was never actually seen with the guitar onstage as it was released by Dean posthumously, he did play the prototype and had approved it about a month or two before his death.
After Dean went out of business in 1994, Dime signed with Washburn, and started using their guitars for the upcoming period. They were pretty much the copies of the Dean ML guitar, which made Dean Zelinsky (Dean founder) come back, and try to build his company back up.
Dimebag returned to Dean 10 years later, in 2004.Dime was seen with Washburn x33, Stealth and Culprit models.
The American made ones are top notch, I played them. Exact replicas of Dime’s, including non recessed Floyd (Dime’s originals were retrofitted with Floyds- which meant due to the neck angle of the originals, the floyd needed to rest high off the body- which still allowed pull ups)Washburn had an import version, which had generic Washburn pickups, but most importantly, had cheaper quality Floyds, and alder bodies instead of Mahogany.The American made Washburns and Deans are same quality wise. On the imports, ehhhh. I don’t like Dean imports- tiny frets, mystery mahogany, probably Lu.

Washburn Dime 3


The washburn dime3 guitar has all the original equipment, in perfect condition, not a single scratch on it. Sounds good for passive pickups (still like my EMG’s better). I bought it at the time cause i was huge into pannier and unfortunately dime was shot before i ever got a chance for him to sign it. Spent a good 2 years saving up for it. As far as i know its kinda rare seeing how it was a USA custom shop and had to be directly ordered from the factory. IDK i just cant play it DE-tuned and its just lost its appeal since i cant ever get it signed by the guy who played it. And no my friend has pics of it but he is putting it up online as we speak.

Now there where made black backs, green backs, satin, everything on washburn.there is also pointy stealth body dimeslimes out there too. I have a black back dimebolt D3 from brandon M. Sounds the same as my southern cross.I play through a crate powerblock head(because it cost me $70) and a crate GT412 cabinet. I usually play through a boss MT-2 metal zone, a seymour duncan pickup booster pedal, and sometimes my digitech black 13. This guitar is great for any type of metal. I really don’t know what to rate this since it didn’t come with the stock pickups, but it sounds awesome now so I’ll give it an 8.

Make no mistakes about it, this is a metal guitar. I’m not going to use it to play jazz or folk rock, for example.the lame thing about it when it arrived, was the neck pickup didn’t was soldered in wrong, so I replaced it with a seymour duncan ’59 and the bridge with a dimebucker. I know dimebag used a bill lawrence L-500XL,but after using it I decided I liked the dimebucker better. With the ’59 I can get amazing cleans, and with the dimebucker ultra high gain leads.

Washburn Dime 2st


Features: an alder body, thin,you shaped maple neck, 22 jumbo frets. It’s got a Washburn made liscenced Floyd Rose 2 tremelo, 2 humbuckers with 3-way toggle, 2 volume, and 1 tone speedknobs. Aslo has Grover 18:1 tuners. All black hardware and a black paintjob with silver bevels finishes this beast out.The neck itself sits far inside the body. It extends into the neck pickup cavity and sits behind the neck pickup. Came with a Washburn form fitting hardshell case. I give it an 8 because of the lack of an OFR tremelo and the fact it’s a bolt-on, and not set neck or neck through.

Other than the affore mentioned toggle Switch, the hardware all seems pretty solid. I haven’t had problems with any of the knobs or the input jack loosening up. It holds up to Live playing, as long as it doesn’t get knocked into something. In fact, the cheap paint makes me play more carefully than I usually do with other guitars, which I guess isn’t really such a bad thing. I would never play without a back up, especially because of the locking trem. I give it an 8 because of the broken, most likely low quality toggle Switch(because good ones usually don’t just happen to crack in half), and the paranoia of chipping the paint with the slightest bump.

Overall this is a pretty great metal guitar. I use it to play thrash mostly, but also just straight up metal, some heavier hard rock, and newer style metal, and it’s perfect for those. It’s not all that flexible, but that’s why I called it a metal guitar. For more flexibility I’ll play my Les Paul for things like hard rock and blues. I got it for an overall great deal, especially since it’s been discontinued. I would compare this to the Dean Razorbacks, or any mid level BC Rich, and I like to think this would come out ahead of them. If I had the chance I would buy it all over again.

Dime Washburn


But at some point in the 90’s -i think ’95- Dean went bust and stopped making guitars which meant Dime no longer had a company to make him guitars and when your part of such a massive touring band like PanterA you need more than just a couple of guitars at your disposal. So he turned to Washburn who started to make him signature guitars. Dime started using Dean guitars (ML model to be specific) when he was a teenager and used Deans for a large chunk of his life.Dime was back in business with a line of new bad ass guitars which look quite similar to the Dean ML’s but they have their own uniqueness.

However Dime was very found of Deans – and having met Dean Zelinsky when he was quite young – he felt very loyal to them and so when Dean got going again, Dime switched back in 2004 i think. And in that short period he was with them before he passed he helped design the razorback.

As a player of metal in the early 90’s (yes, like the dinosaurs, there were one or two of us still struggling to survive in the harsh environment of 1992) I wanted nothing more than to listen to, and play, the most ball crunching, face smashing, universally offensive, rude, blasphemous music I could possibly find. Then one day I heard a Slayer album and, well… Once I’d decided that the crown had been placed upon the mighty banging heads of Slayer as to who were the kings of blasphemous, blistering metal, I began a new search. That search led me to the phenomenal playing and brutal onslaught that dime washburn guitars are Pantera. Being that I am a guitarist originally, I found Dimebag Darrell’s playing to be absolutely top-notch and sought, eventually, to own his axe.

Washburn Dime 3


One-piece mahogany body, and selected in mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard with pearloid inlays,
Body and headstock with AAAA maple top, and elaborate binding.
The guitar has the legendary lightning motif of the original DIME guitar, and the USA Washburn Dime 3 Dimebolt guitars have,
in addition to the sides and rear complete (body, neck and headstock), a blue metalic paint, with holographic (!) flashes
in the paintwork of Master Painter “Chewy” the Washburn USA Custom Shop!
The guitar was made in excellent crafted from select tonewoods in the USA Custom Shop Washburn, from a master builder.
It is limited to 13pieces worldwide, and in terms of sound, it beats any other USA Washburn, USA Gibson Les Pauls, or USA PRS guitar I ever got to play!!
The entire black chrome hardware comes from Schaller (made in Germany), and Grover (18:1 tuners, made in the USA)!
The Seymour Duncan pickups are beyond reproach, including Dime’s signature pickup, the “Dimebucker”!
The guitar comes with the original case incl.

You are bidding on number 6 of 13 pieces worldwide!!
I offer the guitar by 9,500 € ( 12,000$) for sale, and this only because I just do not use and play anymore, and it’s a shame to have it just in case.
The guitar sound is moderately an absolute dream of every guitar player, and visually as the first day NEW!
It is worth every penny, this I can say from personal experience, please only serious offers!

Washburn Dime For Sale


I have a chance to buy a washburn dime bag darrel guitar that appears to be a clone of a dean ml even has the dean head stock but it has a washburn badge on it…….it has a hard shell case…and a green and yellow flame top finish that is in incredible shape…..asking price is 600 and its from semi famous player….so whos got the skinny on these are they good,are they crap?…..its a guitar i am ready to aquire now.

Its the main thing i want to buy 🙂 the only reason why i havent bought it already is because i still havent recieved pics :L im ringing up in 5 hours to either just buy it or ask for the photos then and there and buy it 🙂

washburn dime guitars for sale Features:

Number 1010 fingerboard rosewood
Brand washburn frets 22
Model dime slime hardware chrome
Inlays dots back mahogany
Neck construction set case optional
Condition excellent bridge floyd rose
Color slime green burst neck mahogany
Nut width 1.69″ Pickups washburn
SKU . Tuners .
Extras . Extras .

Many washburn guitars equipped with humbuckers have a feature called voice contour control (VCC), which is currently available only on washburn. VCC is similar to coil splitting, in that it changes the tone of a humbucking pick-up to that of a single coil, but it does it by turning the tone knob.

Washburn Dime


Since then the washburn dime guitars were never played, yet on display in a non-smoking environment and then in storage in the hard shell case for the past 4 years.This guitar was purchased at Musician’s Friend in Las Vegas (store has since closed) in 1998.

washburn dime series specs

-Solid mahogany body with ebony fretboard

-Bill Lawrence XL-500 Pickup in the bridge position

-Seymor Duncan ’59 in the neck position

-Neck through body

-Grover tuners

-Schaller tremolo

-A VERY limited edition autographed model (serial D950541)

-Original Bill of Sale.

-Small paint crack at body and neck, I have included a picture to show (guitar was

purchased this way)

I tried contacting Musician’s Friend and was told because of time lapse, they do not keep records dating back to 1998. The only way they suggested was to try to get a hold of Rita Haney Abbot and see if the guitar could be authenticated. I’m not sure how to get a hold of her. Dime’s first guitar when he was 16 was a Dean ML- he’s said in interviews that he thought it was the coolest guitar out there and wanted it. After that he’d go around to pawn shops to try to find more before he got signed. Dimebag liked them so much that he had the Dean logo tatooed on himself. He also met Dean Zelinshy when he was young and felt great loyalty to Dean guitars.In the 80’s Dean Zelinsky sold the company to some import company, and instead of continuing to make the high quality american made deans, they made very cheap low quality imports. Soon after that Dean went out of business. The name was later sold to Armadillo music, who would later on start making high quality import Deans in the late 90’s. Dimebag continued to play the 3 Deans he had, but after touring they tiik alot of abuse. He needed more but Dean wasn’t around, so he went to Washburn to make him copies.