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Washburn Dime For Sale


I have a chance to buy a washburn dime bag darrel guitar that appears to be a clone of a dean ml even has the dean head stock but it has a washburn badge on it…….it has a hard shell case…and a green and yellow flame top finish that is in incredible shape…..asking price is 600 and its from semi famous player….so whos got the skinny on these are they good,are they crap?…..its a guitar i am ready to aquire now.

Its the main thing i want to buy 🙂 the only reason why i havent bought it already is because i still havent recieved pics :L im ringing up in 5 hours to either just buy it or ask for the photos then and there and buy it 🙂

washburn dime guitars for sale Features:

Number 1010 fingerboard rosewood
Brand washburn frets 22
Model dime slime hardware chrome
Inlays dots back mahogany
Neck construction set case optional
Condition excellent bridge floyd rose
Color slime green burst neck mahogany
Nut width 1.69″ Pickups washburn
SKU . Tuners .
Extras . Extras .

Many washburn guitars equipped with humbuckers have a feature called voice contour control (VCC), which is currently available only on washburn. VCC is similar to coil splitting, in that it changes the tone of a humbucking pick-up to that of a single coil, but it does it by turning the tone knob.

Dimebag Washburn


This guitar has a unique slim neck. It allows for lead guitar players to move fast. I get the best squeals from these humbucker. I highly recommend this guitar to every metal head’s arsenal.I think that this guitar is at a perfect price, it has a great sound and is light weight. It’s a little odd to get used to playing if you never had a v shaped guitar, but It’s a great overall guitar.

May be a lower priced version of the “Dime V” signature guitar, but it still has the Dimebag sound to it. Good sounding guitar.A heavy metal weapon designed with the man voted Best Metal Guitarist in numerous reader’s polls.

Dime’s favorite and fabulously fast V-shaped neck mates up to a radically-shaped body with high output pickups, a tune-o-matic bridge, and string-through-body design for extra resonance and big sustain. 24 jumbo frets help eliminate buzzing notes all the way up to the highest highs while pearl skull inlays at the 12th fret lend a dangerous demeanor.
Pearl skull inlays at 12th fret
Fast V-shaped neck
High output pickups
Tune-o-matic bridge
String thru body
3-way switch
Jumbo frets
Exclusive Grover 18:1 gear ratio tuners

Washburn Stealth


The Washburn stealth was designed by Dimebag Darrell Abbott Of Pantera and Damageplan and put a guitar in production by Washburn guitars from 2000-2004. The guitar was based on the Dean Guitars ML body shape but with sharper points.In 2008, Dean started to produce a cheap imitation of the Washburn Stealth following Dime and Washburn’s designs.

The St-Pro, or Stealth Pro was a second import Steath model Washburn was started manufacturing in 2003/2004. It featured a Set Neck and Mahogany body such as the USA made Stealth’s. All USA specs and hardware were used, except they went with the USA Dime3 offset headstock instead of the symmetrical stealth headstcok. Finishes came in Transblack and Cherryburst.

washburn stealth 2st Specs:
Mahogany Body
Thin “V” Shape Neck–“V” tapers gradually to a “C” toward the neck joint
Rosewood Fingerboard
22 Jumbo Frets
Schallar Floyd Rose Tremolo
Seymour Duncan Dimebucker / Seymour Duncan ’59 Pickups
3 Way Toggle Switch
2 Volume & 1 Tone Speed Knobs
Grover 18:1 Tuners
Black Hardware
Set Neck
Lightning Bolt inlays

In 2004 Washburn Discontinued the Stealth guitars because Dimebag had gone back to Dean. Dean now makes Stealth which have a smaller body and a Razorback headstock.

Washburn Dimebag


“Dimebag” Darrell Lance Abbott was a rock star’s rock star. On December 8, 2004, the Pantera and Damageplan guitarist was gunned down doing what he lived for—thrashing onstage with Damageplan and partying with fans at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. His untimely passing left a gaping hole in the metal world, one that will never be filled with the same fun-loving personality and musical sensibility.

Dimebag was famous for embracing his devoted legions and being both generous and genuine with fans.Some of these intimate gestures involved sharing a cocktail with fans. Dime’s signature drink—a shot of Crown Royal whiskey topped with a splash of Coke—was coined the Black Tooth Grin, which was a nod to a lyric in Megadeth’s “Sweating Bullets” off Countdown to Extinction.If it meant answering endless questions at a guitar clinic, signing every piece of merch or gear after a show, or just taking the time to listen to a metalhead’s compliment and offer a high-five, Abbott seemed happy doing it.

Washburn USA built this custom, one-off Dime 3 model as a gift for their red-bearded endorsee. (Sandwiched in between two different endorsements with Dean Guitars, Abbott played Washburns from 1994 to early 2004.) The guitar even came with a purple drawstring gig bag mimicking Crown Royal’s top-shelf packaging, and each inlay on this axe is a detailed gold crown. It’s loaded with a Seymour Duncan SH-1 humbucker in the neck and a Bill Lawrence L500 pickup in the bridge. This Dime 3 features a mahogany body, a mahogany neck with an ebony fretboard, and a 24.75″ scale length.

Hard Rock acquired this guitar directly from Dime in early 2004. “In fact, he invited our head of memorabilia to his home when we picked up this beauty,” recalls Hard Rock’s historian Jeff Nolan. “In a classic Dimebag moment, he answered the door with a drink in his hand and two lit bottle rockets (laughs).”

Washburn Dime


Since then the washburn dime guitars were never played, yet on display in a non-smoking environment and then in storage in the hard shell case for the past 4 years.This guitar was purchased at Musician’s Friend in Las Vegas (store has since closed) in 1998.

washburn dime series specs

-Solid mahogany body with ebony fretboard

-Bill Lawrence XL-500 Pickup in the bridge position

-Seymor Duncan ’59 in the neck position

-Neck through body

-Grover tuners

-Schaller tremolo

-A VERY limited edition autographed model (serial D950541)

-Original Bill of Sale.

-Small paint crack at body and neck, I have included a picture to show (guitar was

purchased this way)

I tried contacting Musician’s Friend and was told because of time lapse, they do not keep records dating back to 1998. The only way they suggested was to try to get a hold of Rita Haney Abbot and see if the guitar could be authenticated. I’m not sure how to get a hold of her. Dime’s first guitar when he was 16 was a Dean ML- he’s said in interviews that he thought it was the coolest guitar out there and wanted it. After that he’d go around to pawn shops to try to find more before he got signed. Dimebag liked them so much that he had the Dean logo tatooed on himself. He also met Dean Zelinshy when he was young and felt great loyalty to Dean guitars.In the 80’s Dean Zelinsky sold the company to some import company, and instead of continuing to make the high quality american made deans, they made very cheap low quality imports. Soon after that Dean went out of business. The name was later sold to Armadillo music, who would later on start making high quality import Deans in the late 90’s. Dimebag continued to play the 3 Deans he had, but after touring they tiik alot of abuse. He needed more but Dean wasn’t around, so he went to Washburn to make him copies.

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