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Ok. Here’s the scoop. Dime used the doubler, not the flanger. He had at least 2 rigs running at any given time. One amp was dry, the other amp had the Flanger/Doubler, in the loop so it mixed together and was a bit thicker sounding. I know this first off because I know Grady’s college roommate. He knew everything about the way Dime’s rig was setup from hanging out with Grady backstage every show they played in NC. Crazy thing is, he didn’t even play guitar.LOL This is a quote from GW Jan.2010 to further back up what I was trying to help people out with, not be a know it all.
“Dimebag’s original rig consisted of a Randall RG-100 Head, Furman PQ-3 parametric Eq, MXR 6 band Graphic Eq, MXR 126 Flanger/Doubler, Dime used the two equalizers in a unique way, cutting the midrange frequency curve with the PQ-3, restoring the narrow band of midrange with the MXR 6 band EQ and using both to increase the gain going into the amp’s front end, just like a distortion pedal. Dime used the MXR 126 Flanger/Doubler to thicken his rhythm tones.” He also used an MXR Blue Box, but that’s for another day. To say that the MXR is not that important is like saying the Randall RG-100 wasn’t important. Like I said before, when you have it in the mix, you will know what’s been missing. If you’re gonna do it right, do it right. I know alot of guys including myself who don’t need anything but a good amp and their fret hand to get good Dime tone. Just trying to help that’s all. We can agree to disagree. If you REALLY want to know EVERYTHING, get on facebook and message Grady. I’m sure he would be more than happy to help anyone out on mastering Dime’s sound and he knew it better than anyone. In the end, all that’s important is PLAYING METAL EVERYDAY!!!!! Later.

Washburn Dime 3 For Sale


Washburn Dime 3 Features:
Number 1010 Fingerboard Rosewood
Brand Washburn Frets 22
Model Dime Slime Hardware Chrome
Inlays Dots Back Mahogany
Neck Construction Set Case Optional
Condition Excellent Bridge Floyd Rose
Color Slime Green Burst Neck Mahogany
Nut Width 1.69″ Pickups Washburn

Shortly There After (Not Sure Of The Year) Dean Started Making Dime’s Guitars Again And Dime Went Over That Way. At That Point Washburn Stopped Making The Dimes In The USA Custom Shop. You Can Find Current Imports From China Or Korea From Some Of Washburn’s Dealers. There Were a Few Limited Run Dime 3’s Such As The Coveted Southern Cross There Were 150 Slated To Be Made But Maybe Only 125 Produced Or Somethng Like That. Those Go For Around 4-5K On The Bay. Dime 3 Dimeslime (DS) Or Dimebolts (DB) Go For Around 2.5-3K. Here Were a Few Dime 3ST’s With An Aluminum Front. I’Ve Seen One Pop Up On Ebay From Time To Time But Didn’t Pay That Close Attention. I Read Something Recently In a Guitar Rag Where They Were Talking To Dime’s Guitar Tech. Dime Apparently Didn’t Like The Sound Of This Particular Guitar. I Have No Idea How Many Were Made.

The Dimes Used The Bill Lawrence L500 L, XL Or XXL And Possibly Used Both Bill Lawrence And Bill Lawrence USA (Though The Latter Is The More Common Find)For Most Of The Time They Were Being Produced. I Think After 2000, Is When The Seymour Duncan Dimebucker Started Showing Up In The Dime Guitars. I’m Not Sure How Many Dime 3’s Had Them But I’m Pretty Sure Some Of The Dime 3ST’s Had Them.

Washburn Dime Guitar


Dime co-designed a guitar with Dean just months before his death. Called the Razorback, it was a modified version of the ML. The guitar came with various versions, such as the one with 24 frets.
Though Dime was never actually seen with the guitar onstage as it was released by Dean posthumously, he did play the prototype and had approved it about a month or two before his death.
After Dean went out of business in 1994, Dime signed with Washburn, and started using their guitars for the upcoming period. They were pretty much the copies of the Dean ML guitar, which made Dean Zelinsky (Dean founder) come back, and try to build his company back up.
Dimebag returned to Dean 10 years later, in 2004.Dime was seen with Washburn x33, Stealth and Culprit models.
The American made ones are top notch, I played them. Exact replicas of Dime’s, including non recessed Floyd (Dime’s originals were retrofitted with Floyds- which meant due to the neck angle of the originals, the floyd needed to rest high off the body- which still allowed pull ups)Washburn had an import version, which had generic Washburn pickups, but most importantly, had cheaper quality Floyds, and alder bodies instead of Mahogany.The American made Washburns and Deans are same quality wise. On the imports, ehhhh. I don’t like Dean imports- tiny frets, mystery mahogany, probably Lu.

Dime Stealth


With a classic Dean body shape, distinct finish and Seymour Duncan Dimebucker and USA DMT DimeTime humbuckers, the Stealth Floyd DS guitar is a truly unique axe. For players looking for an axe that will set them apart and provide a powerful tone, this is the perfect choice. The beautiful flame Maple top on the Mahogany body adds to the incredible visual of this dime stealth guitar guitar.

Dimebag  Stealth  Specs

TopFlame Maple
Scale Length24 3/4
Neck TypeSet Neck
Neck ProfileV
InlaysPearl Diamond / Razor 12th
# of Frets22
KnobsDBD Traction
Hardware ColorBlack
BridgeFloyd Rose 1000
Pickup (Neck)USA DMT DimeTime BKBK
Pickup (Bridge)Seymour Duncan Dimebucker BKBK
ColorDime Slime
Case OptionsHardshell Case Included
There’s a Dime 333 Trendkill model. You’ll know it when you see it. One of the 2 versions of this import featured a skull graphic on the back of the guitar. That version is a little more sought after… I’d say it’s probably the most sought after Dime 333.

Then of course there’s the Culprit. This is a pretty odd looking guitar and I don’t think there was a US version. I know that Dime played a Culprit live. I’m not sure of it’s origin but the Culprit did have a limited run. They usually go for around $400. These are both late 90’s models I believe, however I have neither of them so I can’t verify the dates.

Dimebag Washburn Guitar


This is a brief demo of my Washburn 333 Dimeslime guitar! It’s a guitar like no other and really plays like a monster. I figured I should jam on a couple of Pantera riffs to show what it can do, but it’s actually a really versatile guitar and the Dimebucker pumps out to 11! For clean I’m using the neck pickup into a Digitech XP-100 Whammy Wah to adjust the pitch up 1/4 step and a Dunlop MXR EVH Phase 90. The dirty stuff is bridge pickup straight into the amp, which is a Rivera Knucklehead Tre with Rivera and Mesa 4×12 Cabs. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like my video and check out my other demo videos!

There were a few limited run Dime 3’s such as the coveted Southern Cross There were 150 slated to be made but maybe only 125 produced or somethng like that. Those go for around 4-5K on the bay. Dime 3 Dimeslime (DS) or Dimebolts (DB) go for around 2.5-3K. Here were a few Dime 3ST’s with an aluminum front. I’ve seen one pop up on ebay from time to time but didn’t pay that close attention. I read something recently in a guitar rag where they were talking to Dime’s guitar tech. Dime apparently didn’t like the sound of this particular guitar.I’m not sure how many Dime 3’s had them but I’m pretty sure some of the Dime 3ST’s had them.

The original Dean from Hell had 2 Bill Lawrence L500’s in it. You can see dimebag washburn guitars in the video Cowboys from Hell that the neck pick-up is a BL. Most likely it was a Bill Lawrence L500-L in the bridge and an L500-R in the neck. At some point Dime replaced the neck pick up with the Seymour Duncan 59 and all of the USA Dimes came with the SD 59 in the neck. I’m pretty sure but not totally certain that it was always a zebra to boot.That’s about all I have. If you’d have asked me about the N series I could go on a lot longer.

Washburn Dimebag For Sale


Im looking to get some info on washburn dime guitars. Im a huge fan of the man thus far i have only deans to pay homage. Usa ml [slime] usa slime razorback,warcamo and a couple time capsules. I also have 20 or so other gibson,bc rich,fender and others. Im into usa stuff and dont know much about the washburns [yet] can anyone let me know what dime models are the best and where i can start my quest.Any other dealers still holding dimes. Do you have a trade/sell section here? Btw im also on deans forum i hope this doesnt offend. They are awesome guitars im hoping i can find the same quality w/ washburn. I also dig trading gear so if anyonnes got any dime stuff my les pauls , bc’s and more are alwaysin play. Peace kenny.

Well, the dime series were a damned good guitars.i think the order [lower to higher] is dime 333 [i have one: Nice finish, poor pickups, nice floyd licensed, very good wood], dime 3st and the best one: The dime 3. [I don’t think the other dimes are good enough].well, in the 3st and the 3 i dunno if the SD dimebucker is a real nice pickup… I heard a lot of times that it’s washburn dimebag guitar for sale just a commercial copy of the bill lawrence L500XL.then buy one washburn dime and a bill lawrence L500XL.and i suggest to washburn to put on their guitars only bill lawrence pickups.they’re cheap and incredibly amazing and seymour duncan is just a big name.

Washburn Guitars Dimebag


This washburn guitars dimebag gives a brilliant overall impression, it can play any kind of music brilliantly, all though it would look weird playing anything other than metal live at a gig.I have only been playing for a little over two years now, this is my second guitar, my only other is an Ibanez RGD320, which I no longer use thanks to this Washburn. I love that it can manage any type of music and seems virtually indestructible, the only downside is it’s insane weight. If it were stolen, I would find the person responsible and break them with the guitar, knowing full well that it would probably survive unscathed and he wouldn’t.

If I couldn’t find them I would search as best I could to get a new one, but I’m not sure I’d find one as it’s no longer in production. I couldn’t settle for a Dean ML after playing this guitar, I’ve compared my Washburn with my friend’s Dean and we have both agreed that mine is the better guitar by hundreds of thousands of miles.

Body shape: Other
Body type: Solid body
Body material: Solid wood
Top wood: Maple flamed
Body wood: Mahogany solid
Body finish: Gloss polyester
Orientation: Right handed
Configuration: HH
Neck: USA DMT DimeTime BKBK
Middle: Not applicable
Bridge: Dimebucker BKBK
Brand: Dean USA, Seymour Duncan
Active or passive: Passive
Series or parallel: Parallel
Piezo: Not applicable
Active EQ: Not applicable
Special electronics: Not applicable
Control layout: Volume 1, volume 2, master tone
Pickup switch: 3-way
Coil tap or split: Not applicable
Kill switch: Not applicable
Bridge type: Tremolo/Vibrato
Bridge design: Floyd Rose with locking nut
Tailpiece: Not applicable
Tuning machines: Grover
Color: Chrome
Number of strings: 6-string
Special features: Body finish
Case: Hardshell case
Accessories: Info not available
Country of origin: United States

Washburn Stealth For Sale


This is a black washburn stealth Guitar.The guitar was signed and then put back in its box and infrequently displayed.It is like new with protective plastic still in place and no nicks or chips from being set down, it has always been stored.It has never been tuned or played. It is basically a brand new guitar.The case is not included in the auction.It will be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, no tape will contact the guitar itself.It will be packed well in a large guitar shipping box.It can also be picked up in Dallas Texas.

The Dean Stealth Floyd Rose Flame Maple has a gorgeous top and comes in a special Dime Slime finish. It’s armed with a versatile and powerful combination of Dean USA and Seymour Duncan pickups. A Floyd Rose 1000 tremolo bridge with locking nut is onboard to cover any tremolo or dive-bombing effects you care to make. The neck has a comfortable V profile along with an ebony fretboard and razorblade inlay. Comes with case.

Dean Guitars’ mission has always been to produce the finest guitars in the world. They want to help musicians be as passionate about making music as they are about creating instruments that are played on the most prestigious stages, and in the best studios, around the world. Since 1977, their iconic electric and acoustic guitars, basses and other musical instruments have been built to the highest standards in the industry.

Washburn Dimebag Guitars


When Dean guitars ceased production in 1994, Dimebag started a ten-year relationship with Washburn guitars. The most common of this period is the Dime 333, most famously offered in the Dimeslime finish. Essentially, this guitar was a Washburn version of Dime’s Dean ML, complete with a licensed Floyd Rose vibrato and Washburn Eliminator humbuckers.Washburn also produced the flagship US-made Dime 3, and entry-level Dime 332.

From its legendary lightning bolts to the blue finish, The Dean Dimebag Dean From Hell CFH Electric Guitar is a reproduction of Dime’s very own, just as it appears on the cover of Cowboys From Hell. The Dean From Hell is constructed with a mahogany body and neck combined with a rosewood fretboard, making it perfect for high-speed shredding.

Product Specifications–dimebag darrell washburn guitars
Finish: Gloss
Wood Top: Mahogany
Wood Body: Mahogany
Wood Neck: Mahogany
Hardware: Black Chrome
Knobs: DBD Traction
Bridge/Trem: Floyd Rose Special
Neck Type: Set Neck
Neck Profile: V
Scale Length: 24 3/4 inches
Frets: 22
Fretboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Pearl Dot
Tuners: Grover
Bridge Pickup: Bill Lawrence XL500
Neck Pickup: DMT Design

Dimebag Darrell Washburn Guitars


Dimebag Darrell Washburn Guitars–dimebag darrell famous washburn dime slime miniature guitar replica–this collectible guitar is a replica of dimebag darrell’s famous dime slime guitar. This is a miniature 1:4 scale replica model instruments can fit in the palms of your hands – it is approximately 9.5-10″” In length and come with a adjustable display stands. They are handcrafted out of solid wood. This replica beautifully displayed the original work of art with great attention to details.

Pearl skull inlays at 12th fret
Fast V-shaped neck
High output pickups
Tune-o-matic bridge
String thru body
3-way switch
Jumbo frets
Exclusive grover 18:1 gear ratio tuners

A heavy metal weapon designed with the man voted best metal guitarist in numerous reader’s polls.dime’s favorite and fabulously fast V-shaped neck mates up to a radically-shaped body with high output pickups, a tune-o-matic bridge, and string-through-body design for extra resonance and big sustain. 24 jumbo frets help eliminate buzzing notes all the way up to the highest highs while pearl skull inlays at the 12th fret lend a dangerous demeanor.there were a few small paint chips missing from the ends of the bottom fins. One thing I’ve been told and I’ve also witnessed first hand is the paint washburn guitars dimebag darrell was finished with is really cheap. I’ve dinged the headstock twice since I’ve had it and there are small paint chips on it now. I’ve banged the headstocks/bodies of my other guitars harder and they’ve come away alright, but I have to be extremely careful with this guitar. On the plus side the LFR is one of the nicest LFR’s I’ve played on. It holds up great with frequent dive bombing and stays in tune for extended periods of time. The paint lines for the bevels were real clean, there’s no rough lines at all, and paint lines up perfectly with the bevels themselves. It’s something you would assume should be a given, but I’ve seen more than enough high end guitars with worse paintjobs. The same thing can be said for the sides of the neck where they meet the fretboard.